SAGA C++ API 1.6
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
saga::advert::directoryThe directory class represents a directory within a meta data directory with a hierarchical namespace attached. This class inherits all methods from saga::name_space::directoryectory
saga::advert::entryThe advert class represents an entry in a saga::advert::directory. An advert directory is a meta data directory with a hierarchical namespace attached. This class inherits all methods from saga::name_space::namespace_entry and provides additional methods to publish new and query existing adverts
saga::attributeBrief description starts here
saga::const_bufferEncapsulates I/O operations
saga::contextThe saga::context class provides the functionality of a security information container
saga::detail::attribute< Derived >The SAGA attribute interface
saga::detail::create_default< saga::job::service >
saga::detail::create_default< saga::stream::server >
saga::detail::create_default< saga::stream::stream >
saga::detail::monitorable< Derived >The SAGA monitorable interface
saga::detail::permissions< Derived >The SAGA permissions interface
saga::detail::steerable< Derived >The SAGA steerable interface
saga::filesystem::const_iovecBrief description starts here
saga::filesystem::directoryThe SAGA file package directory API
saga::filesystem::fileThe SAGA file package file API
saga::filesystem::iovecInherits the saga::buffer class, and three additional state attributes: offset, len in and len out
saga::job::descriptionThis object encapsulates all the attributes which define a job to be run
saga::job::istreamBrief description starts here
saga::job::jobThe job provides the manageability interface to a job instance submitted to a resource manager
saga::job::ostreamBrief description starts here
saga::job::selfThe job_self class is a job which represents the current application
saga::job::serviceThe job_service represents a resource management backend, and as such allows to create and submit jobs, and to discover jobs
saga::metricBrief description starts here
saga::monitorableThe monitorable interface is implemented by those SAGA objects which can be monitored, i.e. which have one or more associated metrics
saga::mutable_bufferBrief description starts here
saga::name_space::directoryA "Virtual Directory", an RNS entry that is represented as a non-leaf node in the hierarchical name space tree
saga::name_space::entryAn RNS entry that interconnects a reference to an existing resource into the hierarchical name space
saga::objectBrief description starts here
saga::permissionsThe SAGA permission interface
saga::replica::logical_directoryA logical directory represents a directory entry in the name space of logical files
saga::replica::logical_fileThe saga::replica class implements the saga::attributes interface
saga::rpc::parameterInherits the saga::buffer class
saga::rpc::rpcThis class represents a remote function handle, which can be called (repeatedly), and returns the result of the respective remote procedure invocation
saga::sessionAlmost all SAGA objects are created in a SAGA session, and are associated with this (and only this) session for their whole life time
saga::steerableThe steerable interface is implemented by saga objects which can be steered, i.e. which have writable metrics, and which might allow to add new metrics
saga::stream::serverThe stream_server object establishes a listening/server object that waits for client connections
saga::stream::streamThis is the ob ject that encapsulates all client stream ob jects
saga::taskBrief description starts here
saga::task_baseBrief description starts here
saga::task_containerHandles a large number of asynchronous operations
saga::urlSAGA's implementation of an RFC 1630 compliant URL Class
saga::uuidBrief description starts here
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